Injection Videos & Instructions

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Step 1. Attach the Mixing syringe needle to the 5cc syringe in the bag with the vials.

Sept 2.
Remove the red safety cover from the vial (powder) and wipe the top with an alchohol swab.

Step 3. Remove the safety cover from the 30 ml bacteriostatic and wipe the top with an alchohol swab as well.

Step 4. Using the 5 mL syringe, turn the vial of water upside down and insert the needle (which is attached to the 5mL syringe). Draw 5cc (or 5mL) of the bacteriostatic water in to the syringe. See image above with red arrow.

Step 5. Remove the syringe from the backteriostatic water vial and slowly inject the water into the powder vial. The solution should be clear. This creates a dilution that is 100 units per 1cc (or 1mL).

IMPORTANT NOTE: After reconstitution your medicine must be refrigerated. If travel is expected, please carry with an ice pack.

Step 6. Your medication is now ready to use.

NOTE: Prior to inserting a syringe into the medication vial. Always wipe the top of the vial with a new alcohol swab.

How to Measure Your Injection

See red arrow

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Individual results may vary.

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