Injection Videos & Instructions

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Click on the following video title or image below to be provided with instructions and examples of how to administer the medications that are used in real testosterone replacement therapy.

Some patients may want hormone treatments, but may be hesitant to self-inject. Many people simply do not like needles. This home injection video will show you some great techniques to make hormone therapy a simple and painless task.

Remember, you can have a spouse, friend, or family member help you with this process. Hormone therapy injections save significant time and energy each week that would otherwise be spent driving to the doctor’s office and waiting to receive your weekly dose of medication. The feedback we have received from patients has been overwhelmingly positive. Very few patients are hesitant to self-administer after the first couple injections.
*Specific results are not guaranteed. Individual results may vary.

HRT Therapy

Our therapy program is proven to help men experiencing hypogonadism or low testosterone levels resulting from middle-age (andropause). We keep it safe and simple with an individualized program that includes all the medication and extensive monitoring that is necessary while on treatment. more_button

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction may be brought on by many things. For example, certain medications, blood pressure medicines, health conditions such as diabetes that compromise blood flow to the penis, and even one's personal life, stress and depression are all significant factors that can lead to E.D. more_button

Buyer Beware

As many have noticed, there have been numerous advertisements in the media about "LOW T." Guys are walking around looking and feeling drained, as well as over the hill. Here are several things to be aware of when searching for the right physician and/or medication to treat your deficiency. more_button
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