Increasing evidence points to creams applied to the skin on a daily basis. Put on your deodorant, and then put on your testosterone. This creates a steady delivery. But this may not be for everyone. Some people absorb less and others don’t want to hassle with cream. Still others don’t want to expose the people in their world to accidental contact with testosterone. In these circumstances a weekly or best bi-weekly shot is the best answer.
Yes and no. It depends on your personal tolerance to pain.
We bill monthly. Once you are cleared for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, the monthly fee is $195.00 per month. Unlike other facilities which require thousands of dollars up front for their services, we make it more convenient by allowing you to pay on a monthly basis. We have no hidden costs, fees, or fine print.
It is our hope to help men suffering from low-t (hypogonadism/andropause).
Great question, it depends on many, many factors. Age, weight, and testosterone levels at time of base line, all evaluated by your doctor. Generally you may expect follow up labs in two to three months. This gives ample time to see the new levels that result from our therapies.
At the initial visit. No one will get medication without proper lab work and a physical exam. Thereafter it is a case by case situation. A follow up visit with the doctor will be done at the time of your follow up labs, if needed. Once established, we only require you to be seen once per year for an annual physical. If you would like to see the doctor, in addition to your annual physical, you are able to do so at no additional cost.
All medications included in the therapy are self-administered. During your initial appointment, we will demonstrate how to properly administer each medication. This eliminates the need to return each week to the clinic for treatment.
We are testing for unique hormonal markers that your doctor is unlikely to routinely order. We also want accurate fresh results of our own to work from. Finally, the price of the blood work is included with the program.
Referrals to likeminded facilities will be offered, but this is a men’s place. We speak our language and see things our way. We want to have a forum where andropause can be expertly addressed. No girls- sorry.
The sooner the better, but with safety at the fore front. Multiple benefits are felt from the program which can start from 1 week to 6 months depending on the effect you are wanting to achieve. At Royal Men’s Medical Center we want to launch you like a rocket as soon as possible.
There is nothing new here. Just the fact that testosterone replacement therapy in men has finally gotten the attention it rightly deserves in the healthcare of men.
Absolutely not! Under no circumstances. First of all it is not FDA approved for our application. Secondly if you are truly growth hormone deficient which is the only reason the FDA approves of this medication you should be seeing an Endocrinologist. Plus the price for meaningful doses of growth hormone would be in the thousands of dollars per month- well out of the price range we are aiming to offer. The allure of growth hormone is there but we feel we can achieve just as much with safe doses of injectable hormone. Please bear in mind that growth hormone works directly on your pituitary gland and too much of it may cause permanent long term problems with your pituitary, and who wants to mess with that?
We offer injectable testosterone on a case by case basis. This compound is used by the pituitary to make growth hormone. The pituitary remains in charge and working. Although not part of the testosterone replacement therapy, it can be offered where it is proven to be helpful.
Not like growth hormone! Growth hormone costs thousands of dollars per month for minute doses. Sermorelin is one fourth the price at appropriate doses.
There are a few, like any medication. You will be given a list of what you should look out for at the time of your check-up. You must understand that you cannot over dose on testosterone therapy and the side effects vanish as soon as the medication is stopped. This is the name of the game: to have a doctor and lab available to insure not only the success of this program but your well-being as well.
Regrettably people receive testosterone therapy without the benefits of medication that remind the testes to work. Our program introduces medicines to help maintain testes size and function. We gain no benefit from having your testicles shrink.
In many cases, yes. It all depends on the levels of estrogen in your blood. There is an oral medication that will reduce your estrogene, the direct muscle building benefits of Testosterone Therapy will help you regain the manly physique you are intended to have. But remember, you’ve got to do something… eat less junk and get out of the house and “TRT it.” Heck if you’re going this far you might as well make a go of it and do it the right way.
Initial lab studies will check for markers for prostate cancer (PSA). The history and physical exam will contribute to your general assessment. Studies have shown that testosterone therapy does not provoke cancer of the prostate. In fact, elevated estrogen levels are now seen in cases of prostate enlargement. Our estrogen reducing medicines may even help with prostate enlargement. Unfortunately, men with a history of prostate cancer should not receive TRT. Careful surveillance via lab studies and doctor exams should insure the safety of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in men.
Younger and older persons will be seen as well as long as they fall within our safe zone. Generally older men will have more health issues and at times we will require a clearance from your primary care doctor as well in order to participate. All men must have a primary care doctor to help address their health care issues. We encourage you to tell your doctor.
He or she may or may not accept our lab results. This is their call. Generally the labs we get are the types of labs your healthcare professional monitor on your annual checkup. If you desire a copy of your labs will be provided and you can forward them to your provider.
Blood count, a metabolic profile, LH, we check your thyroid, we check markers for prostate cancer, and of course your testosterone and estrogen levels. The labs are very comprehensive.
We keep a close eye on the prostate, so prostate levels are checked. Along with this we keep an eye on the hormone components and the blood count. Any areas of concern in the initial evaluation will be followed as well.
We would be unable to proceed without a healthy start. You would be advised to see your primary doctor and correct the problem. Once cleared you may then participate in our Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT. Provided our doctors feel confident there is no risk in your participation.
*Specific results are not guaranteed. Individual results may vary.

HRT Therapy!

Our therapy program is proven to help men experiencing hypogonadism or low testosterone levels resulting from middle age (andropause).We keep it simple. We keep it safe. We offer an individualized program that is complete with all medication and extensive monitoring that is necessary while on treatment. more_button

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Buyer Beware!

As many have noticed, there have been numerous advertisements in the media about "LOW T." Here are several things to be aware of when searching for the right physician and/or medication to treat your deficiency. more_button